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We here at Toxic Discovery just created a petition demanding that the FDA start a National Registry concerning silicone & saline breast implants. The reason for this Petition is to finally get an accurate count of the failures of this faulty medical device.

Toxic Discovery and our Sister Organizations are in the process of collecting at least 20,000 signatures or more by Jan. 1st, 2012. We hope you will help us achieve this number and more.

To read more about what we are trying to do and to sign our petition - go the following link:

Once you're done signing, please forward our information and ask your friends and family to sign the petition as well. We cannot stress how important this truly is. Grassroots movements succeed because people like you are willing to spread the word!

YouTube has graphic videos of ruptured implants – Please go to the following links to view.  And they say that breast implants are safe?  There is NO SUCH THING AS A SAFE MEDICAL DEVICE ESPECIALLY A BREAST IMPLANT.


Quote From Dr. Edward Melmed, MD – Plastic Surgeon - Dallas, Texas
“They do not last. They rupture. And the longer they’re in the body the more likely they are to rupture. The statistics are kind of scary, because around about 50 percent are ruptured by 10 years. And when it gets to 15 to 20 years you’re looking at almost 90 percent of implants that are ruptured.”

“What is most worrisome is that while most of the silicone is contained within the capsule, some of it leaks out, we don’t know where it goes, we don’t know what it does, we have no idea.”

FDA Alert Concerning ALCL

Toxic Discovery just had the first reported case of ALCL from one of our Alabama members.  This individual had no idea that she was to report her diagnosis and neither did her doctor at MD Anderson.  How many like her have not been informed?

Please Join Us and Sign This Important Petition Today!

Breast Wishes;

Kathy Keithley-Johnston, R.N.
Executive Director/Founder
Toxic Discovery Inc.


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