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3.Prempro (estrogen + progestin)
4.Premphase (estrogen + progestin)
If "Other" please enter the name of the medication.
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Other medications while taking HRT:


Breast Cancer          Yes No
1. Lobular Yes No
2. Ductal  Yes No
If ductal were hormone receptors positive for estrogen: Yes No
If ductal were hormone receptors positive for progesterone Yes No
Date of Diagnosis
Lupus    Yes     No
Date of Diagnosis
Heart Attack      Yes   No
Date of Diagnosis
Stroke     Yes    No
Date that Stroke Occured
Pulmonary Embolism     Yes    No
Date of Occurance
Ovarian Cancer    Yes   No
Date of Diagnosis

Other Diagnosis

If yes, please describe any adverse effects or side effects that resulted from HRT.

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